Quotes of Mehmet Keçeci

Mehmet Keçeci Quotes

Quotes/Quotations of Mehmet Keçeci

Mehmet Keçeci’nin Sözleri



Mehmet Keçeci


محمت/محمد  کچجی/كججى

Mehmet (d) Kjajy


メフメット ケチェジ

めふめつと   けちえじ

Mefumetto Kecheji


Мехмет Кечеджи
Mekhmet Kechedzhi
Мехмед Кечеджи
Mekhmed Kechedzhi


  1. If you have a block of every attacking of every block there is an every attack. Mehmet Keçeci,  1987.
  2. iSrael will surely disappear one day. Mehmet Keçeci, 2008.
  3. If you have substructure and courage change your thoughts and, you change your life. If you have change your life and, change others life. Mehmet Keçeci,  2009.
  4. I do not have any membership with fake names. Mehmet Keçeci, 25.11.2009.
  5. Some people’s spirits, but some of them will never be dull not be blunted. Mehmet Keçeci,  27.01.2010.
  6. Sincerity is your future. Mehmet Keçeci,  03.09.2010.
  7. Kaf Mountain Operation. Mehmet Keçeci, 21.04.2012.
  8. Energy = Future = Power = Money = Career = Recycling (E = R). Mehmet Keçeci, 2012.
  9. Software = Future = Power = Money = Operating System (Software = Operating System). Mehmet Keçeci, 2012.
  10. Freedom to leave the persecutors are not so worthless. Mehmet Keçeci,  11.10.2012.
  11. I killed Obama, Clinton and, Regan. I am elephant, elephant. Woof woof woof! Mehmet Keçeci, xx.02.2013.
  12. Move-> Attack-> Tempo-> Tactic-> Motif-> Kaf Mountain Operation-> Target. Mehmet Keçeci, 2013. (Kaf Mountain Operation belongs to me.)
  13. What kundekâri is to a stump, education is to the human. Mehmet Keçeci,  6.02.2014.
  14. Mathematics is a construct/fiction of the human brain. May be a good construct/fiction. But it is not never reality. Mehmet Keçeci,  19.03.2014.
  15. Unix, BSD, Linux, Mac OS, Windows are Monozukuri. Mehmet Keçeci,  07.07.2014.
  16. IBM is a Monozukuri. Mehmet Keçeci,  10.07.2014.
  17. CERN is a Monozukuri. Mehmet Keçeci,  10.07.2014.
  18. Innocent people’s lives were ruined, where there are necessarily lots of idiots. Mehmet Keçeci,  07.18.2014.
  19. Safety Zone = Children of their own homes, gardens, streets, city, country, and all over the world. Mehmet Keçeci,  19.07.2014.
  20. None of softwares are not complete, infallible, vulnerability. If you have a block of every attacking of every block there is an every attack. Mehmet Keçeci,  25.07.2014.


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Mehmet’s quotes

“What kundekâri is to a stump, education is to the human.”— Mehmet Keçeci


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Mehmet Keçeci
Mehmet Keçeci (Kececi, Kecheci)
PhD. Student in Physics, 2001-3+2018 (Thesis Term): Fizik doktora öğrencisi, Tez dönemi.
Master of Science in Physics (MSc.): Fizik Bilim Uzmanı (1998-2001)
Occupational Safety Specialist, OSS: İş Güvenliği Uzmanı, İGU, 2016
Portion of Lesson is finished 2001-2003 (PhD. Doctorate - Physics)
Physicist: Fizikçi

Mefumetto Kecheji
メフメット ケチェジ
めふめつと けちえじ
محمت (محمد) كچه‌جى
Мехмет Кечеджи

Research Areas: Quantum Field Theory (QFT), Instanton, Conformal Field Theory (CFT), High Energy Physics (HEP), Particle Physics, High Magnetic Fields, Hydrocarbons Behaviour, Biophysics, Astrophysics, Cosmology, Cosmogony, Bioinformatics, Nanotechnology, Programming Languages, Web Servers, Information Technology (IT), Software, Operating Systems (OSs), History of Science and Technology, Philosophy of Science, Ethics, Science and Technology Management, Leadership, Morals and Religion, Interdisciplinary Relationship, Health Information System (HIS), Occupational Safety, Data Bases, Big Data, Superconductivity, Medical Physics, Radioactivity, Internet of Things (IoTs), Mathematical Physics, Electronics, Intelligent Systems, Education, Physics Education, Philosophy of Physics, Book/e-Book Publish & Edit, CMS, SEO, E-Learning, LMS, L&D, Open Digital Badges, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency.

Affiliation Scientific Journals, Duty at International Scientific Publications: Reviewer

International Scientific Programs: Member of Technical Program Committee (TPC)

International Papers: 2n-Dimensional at Fujii Model Instanton-Like Solutions and Coupling Constant's Role between Instantons with Higher Derivatives. Turkish Journal of Physics
Turk. J. Phys., 35, (2011), 173-178. Mehmet Keçeci
DOI: 10.3906/fiz-1012-66

Online CV (Keçeci Model CV)
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